Friday, August 19, 2011

♥ the TOURiSTS ♥

Salam Ramadhan !

The tourist? HAHA, why i put dat title bcoz last nite we're acted like da tourists! HAHA, yup, again me n my ladies, three of them outing again lalala, we r just having so much fun together. And actelly, our great time started when my cousy aisyah, mengidam kFc, so do i, haha, so we decided to go out again to breakfasting at kFc :) Jadi, ktorg decided berkumpul dekat satu place bfore ktog jln sesame la kan, And HAHA, im the one who set the time, but im quite tardy beby! they oredy waiting for me adoi,  HAHA, so they perhaps got mad at me lalala, As usually i put a smile on my face lor haha, to persuade sejukkan hati dieorg haks, Hey, i forgot to mention it, i cut my hair oredy! uwaaa, this is how i look.

bfore and after huks

Fuh, pendek dah rmbut aku, adoyai nk wat cmner nk smbong stdy next month kan, oke poget about it!

 So while waiting for "breakfsting" we went for our window shopping at parkson HAHA, I took the opportunity tok cari la kemeja kaler putih tok dibawa g Uni nnt haiyaa, tp mmg susah giler la nk cari, ade2 pown aku xberknan n the most common reason, no size of me >.<
so we bought nothing lor HAHA, But for sure we got our pes shoot here, HAHA, check diz out ! 

Oke, time for breakfsting, ktorg took our moved to Kfc lor, tHan dat time xde org sgt kan, so sng la cri tmpt, HAHA, seriyesly i feel quite odd outing wit 3 ladies, but guess wat? i found it GREAT haks! gila xbes nak? To be onest, its so comfortable lalala~ Hah, witout waiting any longer, i took out my notebook, and wasehh, snap snap photos la beby! not only my notebook, but my camera as well! HAHA, gila oke, sempat lagi, nah, here some of our shots! 

mase neh la ktorg glak giler baby! HAHA, dhla tgn aku lenguh pegang laptop, org2 dok tgok lak HAHAH

P/s HAHA, there were some hilarious moment , we're laughing our ass out! HAHA, gila oke, photoshooottsss whle others eating! hahaa, and we got embarassd coz peoples keep on watching us, Oh man, we got their attentiton! ahhaha! So, as wat my frend told us,
" neh la kali terakhir aku mkn kat sineh"
HAHA, adoyaii,, so after mkn, we packed our stuffs and walked away from there hiks. 

Then, cousy aku neh hah ttbe nk beli cardigan, so aku n kwn2 teman die jap la, n aku pown tggu pe lagi la, trus cari kemeja smue, n sluar slack, atlast aku jmpe satu sluar neh la , wahh nice bangat!, harga pon hundred n ade diskaun so boleh la kan? so quite cheap.
hah dis kind of sluar slack la :)

tpi aku nye kaler hitam :)

Aku pe lagi g la try size 33, HAHA, omg my frends said "x fit sgt ke reyl" HAHA, gile aku gmok uwaaaa! ahaha, so aku try saiz 34, oke la, actelly size  oke jugak lor haks!
pastoh, dkt, fitting room, xkan xde cermin kan? HAHa we ol pe lagi camera dh dtgn so snap snap lor, HAHA, nah some of our cute photos there :)

OKE,pastoh kitorg kuar dri tmpt toh, hah, mase neh la ktorg act mcm toursts ahah, amboi bgmbr sakan here and there oke, even we ol org kuching, but still nk jugak amik gmbr kat tugu kucing neh, but Who cares? ahahah! check dis out! :)

oke, we were heading to Parkson shopping mall again, ahha, nk g tmpt bowling je lepak2 kjp while waiting for my frend sorg toh yg kononye nk datang, See, if dh boring hahha, confrm la snap snap snap again HAHA,
tgokla sndiri our perangai HAKS

otw! haha

dlm lif oke smpt lagi HAHA
NEXT, we enjoy our nightwalking along waterfront . aGain, haha if dah camera d tgn , so? ahaha tgkp gmbr la u ols hahah, Nasib bek mmber2 aku gila bgmbr ahah, but actelly kan, bukan gila bgmbr, dont you know dat, dgn adanya gmbr, ktorg leh trngt balik kengan2 dulu, n perhaps we can show it to our anak2 ke? haha , kan? well, gmbr aku here and there dlm lptop oke, HAHA, hopefully anak2 aku x gila bgmbr la hahah, coz daddy nya omg!! HAHA 

nah,neh ade lagi gmbr ktorg, check it out :)



 Then, ktorg pgi la ke cinema complex calld Medan pelita, haha, Bukan nk tgok wayang lor, juz wanna viewing kuChing's scenery frm there, and lepaking jap, Nah,here are some the photos of that place, 
 zoom in :)

spooky is it?

Hah, while waiting for the girls nth ape dieorg wat dlm toilet toh, haha well, sempat lagi aku bgmbr AHAHHA! well haha!

Kuching such a BEAUTIFUL place esp during night time, Hah , tgokla sndri scenery die from tmpt kotrg lepak kejap, :)

Nah, its beautiful is it, HAHA, :) so haha, here also, for the pestime i try pegi urut! ahah guna kerusi urut la, that was my cousy idea, so oke, i never try it bfore so ? aku g try la, omg, sumpah lega sgt2. the other two they don want to try it just because of my face expression while diurut toh hah, muka menahan kesakitan HAHA! until my eyes sepet sgt ahahah! 
oke, Sempat lagi tgkp gmbr, nah! lalalal :)
leganye! HAHA
with cousy

Oke, next, my frend dh confrm xjadi dtg so wat to do, our night must go on HAHA, so ktorg pegi la lepak dkt meeting point, cam besew aku order milo Peng aka milo ais, haus bangat!
 nah ade lGi gmbr spnjg nk g sane HAHA smpt lagi kan lalalal,

Pastohh, kwn2 aku mmg xnak buang mase lagi, nk mam aiskrm goreng, korang penah mkn? HAHA sedap jugak oke, if korang tak taw, nah this is how it looks like :)

nikmat OKeyh! HAHA

Oke, we hangout jap bfore balik la, HAHA, siyes im really enjoying my night wit my ladies lalala, bes sgt oke! sgt!! my bestie during primary 6 oke? HAHA,
Hah Bfore balik, neh la photo2 terakhir kami HAHAH , check it out !

mase tggu sampan lalala

penat giler HAHA

lastly,my grup "geng apabila khurafat makan ice cream wit straw?" HAHA ntah pape aku nye kwn create grup yg only ktorg je ahli toh, BEs bngat! haha
oke i need to stop here, like usually tgn i dah penat nk type ahaha! oke mwah mwah

Love Reyl,